EU report finds educational disparities between regions

A report published this weekend by the EU shows the extent to which where you live in Ireland can influence education and life prospects.
According to the report, part of the “Mind the Gap” series, those living in the east and south do better than those in the BMW region.
The geographical divide is highlighted in the EU commissioned ‘Mind the Gap’ report, which looked at education opportunities and results across the EU by tracking the qualifications of people aged 15 or over.
It found that there were proportionately more graduates and third-level students in the east and south, than in the BMW counties.
41% of people in the BMW region have, at most, a Junior Certificate or equivalent qualification, compared with 34% in the East and South.
The report finds the BMW region suffers proportionatly more from migration to urban centres and emigration abroad in search of work.
The region is also seen to suffer from having only one major city, Galway, which is also the base of the region’s only university, NUI Galway.
The ‘Mind the Gap’ report warns that regional disparities hinder balanced development and economic growth, and the gaps in educational standards compound inequality between regions.


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