Malin Head man suffered injuries consistent with a car crash in fatal attack

A forensic pathologist told a race murder trial that a Donegal man who was allegedly kicked and stamped to death suffered injuries normally associated with a car crash.
Dr Julie McAdam said she had never come across the type of severe trauma that killed 57-year-old William McKeeney, originally from Malin Head, from massive internal bleeding.
Several injuries, from blows to the head left the sole pattern of footwear, Dr McAdam said.
The jury in the trial of Adel Ishaq and Asif Rehman was shown graphic post mortem photographs of Mr McKeeney’s body.
A patholgist told his murder trial that his injuries were similar to those sustained by somebody who had fallen from a high building or been knocked over by a car.
Dr McAdam told the High Court in Kilmarnock that the 57-year-old suffered 15 injuries to the head, some of which were so severe that footprints were left on his skin.
She also said that there were three injuries to his body, but these were only discovered on internal examination. She said that one blow had ruptured his diaphragm and another had ruptured the splenic artery, a major blood vessel.
She told the jury that the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the abdomen, with blunt force trauma to the head a contributory factor.
The court has heard that Mr McKeeney, a labourer from Donegal, had been walking home from a local pub when he was attacked. He died later in hospital.
The trial continues.


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