Council defends quality of drinking water in Letterkenny

letterkenny public servicesDonegal County Council is reassuring the public that the drinking water supply in Letterkenny is safe for consumption and there is no risk to public health.
Letterkenny solicitor, Dessie Shiels last week raised concerns about the water quality in Letterkenny after he was approached by a client.
Mr Shiels claimed that the Environmental Protection Agency had issued various directives to Donegal County Council to fix numerous water quality issues in the town.
In a statement, the council says drinking water in Letterkenny is of the highest quality, safe to consume and there is no risk to public health.
They stated that water for Letterkenny is obtained from a combination of groudwater and surface water sources, and these sources are subject to regular checks.
Letterkenny based solicitor Dessie Shiels has raised concerns about the quality of water in the town, and he also questioned if the town would be able to deal with an outbreak of cryptosporidium.
But the Council says there is a programme that monitors cryptosporidium, and no cause of concern has ever been found as a result of the monitoring.
The Council said that in the event of any contamination the council has clear communication policies and practices in place with the Environmental Protection Agency.


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