Philpotts to be sentenced for the manslaughter of six children

The sentencing of Mick and Mairead Philpott – who killed six children in the UK – has been delayed until tomorrow.
The couple – along with a friend – were convicted of the children’s manslaughter yesterday.
Their trial had heard they started a fire in a bungled plot to win a custody battle.
It later emerged that Mick and Mairead – along with the assistance of their freind Paul Mosely had deliberately started the fire as part of a twisted attempt to gain custody of five more of Mick’s children by another mother.
But the fire blazed out of control – and resulted in the death of six children between the ages of 5 and 13.
Yesterday, the couple, and their friend were convicted of the children’s manslaughter.
And this morning, Nottingham Crown Court heard mitigating factors on behalf of Mairead, who’s Irish.
The court has also heard about Mick Philpott’s previous conviction for attempted murder – he stabbed his ex-girlfriend 13 times in 1978.
The judge says she will now consider the migitating statmeents before delivering a verdict this afternoon.


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