Ariel Castro’s daughter: I never want to see him again

A daughter of an Ohio man accused of holding 3 women against their will for nearly 10 years says she never wants to see her father again.
Speaking to CNN, Angie Gregg says the strange behaviour of her father is now becoming clear but that she never saw any signs of people or children being held in his home.
Ariel Castro appeared in court yesterday accused of kidnap and multiple counts of rape.
Castro’s two brothers were also brought before Cleveland Municipal Court. They were charged with misdemeanour offences relating to having alcohol in an open container in a public space.
Ariel Castro can be released from custody if he can come up with a bail bond which the Judge has set at 2 million dollars cash on each of the cases against him. He has been barred from making any contact whatsoever with his alleged victims or their families.
A prosecutor says he will push for the death penalty for the 52-year-old over allegations he terminated a number of pregnancies by force.
Ms. Gregg says she is horrified by what her father has done.
“My father’s actions are not a reflection of everyone on the family – they’re definitely not a reflection of myself or my children” she said.
“I have no problem cutting him out of my life, I have no problem doing that”.
“I never want to see him again” she added.


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