Donegal fishing company behind revolutional new lobster pot tracking system

McBride crew
A Donegal fishing company has develpoed a new technological solution that its hoped could have the potential to revolutionise the fishing industry.
The new wireless crab pot tracking system is being developed at Letterkenny Institute of Technology.
Last year brothers Hugh and Peter McBride of McBride Fishing  in Downings, approached the WiSAR Lab at LYIT to investigate if there was a way of developing technology to tackle the problem of keeping track of crab pots.
The loss of crab pots during the fishing season is a recurring problem for the industry.
Researchers at the WiSAR Lab have since designed a wireless system to monitor the crab fishing process.
The system will work by recording the number of fishing pots deployed during the hauling operation, counting and recording the number of caught crabs.
Peter McBride says the new system will have many potential uses for the company, such as enabling daily and weekly reports to keep a stocktake of crab pots.


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