Michael Mooney – Ind

NAME: Michael Mooney
PARTY: Non Party / Independent
AGE: 40
FROM: Culdaff, Inishowen, living in Letterkenny
OCCUPATION: Self Employed
Political background
I have been actively campaigning in Donegal against water charges, meter installations and Irish Water (IW), property tax, evictions, repossessions and corruption. There are no councillors nor TD’s demonstrating support for all of these campaigns in Donegal. In fact it is quite the opposite, especially by those ‘in power’ by not witnessing the substandard work by IW and voting for the ‘eviction bill’.
Top three priorities if you are elected:
1. Abolish water charges, Irish Water and property tax, all unfair fees, levies, charges, taxes and levies. We must see value for what we pay for. There are works that has been carried out by Irish Water contractors which is substandard, doesn’t comply with anything and no one is taking responsibility or accountability and the contractors are still getting paid. I am glad I did not register and do not pay.
2. End the atrocity of evictions and repossessions of homes and property. We have already bailed out the banks now the bankers want to come and take your home too. It is either one or the other. We, as part of a group in Donegal and throughout Ireland, are already preventing people from losing their homes and property, unlike corrupt legal teams who claim to represent people facing eviction.
3. Bring an end to the corruption within Politics, Banking and Legal profession. We have spent and wasted an absolute fortune of time, money and resources on investigations, tribunals, reports and scandals without justice. The lies, scandals, abuse of authority and corruption are ripe in our country. It is long past time for responsibility, accountability, transparency and justice. The political, banking and legal sector are getting paid too much. 90 years of our two main parties practicing power has left us in this situation. Not only this but they have also sold, attempted to sell, leased out or given away our main resources such as fish (€140b loss from 1975-2010), gas, oil, telecoms (2nd telecoms licence), wind energy, lottery, seaweed, property (via NAMA whilst we have a housing / homeless crisis) and not forgetting our water which we are determined to hold on to.
I believe that by making politicians responsible and accountable and the information transparent and freely available, it will drastically reduce corruption, which in turn will bring about equality, democracy and justice, the ethos of the right2change campaign which I signed up to. I also signed up to the 1 Year Initiative (1Yi). This supports people initiated referendums which gives the people a real choice in a properly functioning democracy. For example, the choice on whether we should have bailed out the banks; water charges via water metering or via general taxation; enshrine our water into public ownership and never to be privatised
Tell us something about you that people may find interesting and unusual:
The first day that I met and challenged Irish Water contractors installing water meters in Donegal, the interview was recorded and went viral on social media. It has so far obtained approximately 1million views. It educated a nation on the lies, corrupt activity and many breaches of Safety, Health and Welfare practiced by these IW contractors. These are aided and abetted by the Government and its Ministers, Local Authority, Health and Safety Authority, Environmental Protection Agency and Garda Siochana and Justice system.


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