Highland Radio presents a vision of local radio in Donegal for the next ten years

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Ireland’s number one local radio station, Donegal Highland Radio Limited, will today present a new vision for local radio in North Donegal as the team make an oral presentation to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) as part of its licence application for another 10 years of local broadcasting.

Led by station Managing Director Shaun Doherty, together with a strong management team of experts in local radio broadcasting, Highland Radio will demonstrate how it will continue to build on its listenership of 65% and market share of 67% by evolving with the communities’ needs while staying relevant and true to its ethos of ‘Local First’.

Highland’s vision is based on

       a 24 year track record of successful local broadcasting with a brand promise of ‘Your Voice, Your Station’
       continued investment to achieve future growth, embrace new technologies and create exciting new initiatives for Donegal advertisers and listeners such as the North West Motor Show and the Highland Radio Christmas Fair
       a professional and experienced team of broadcasters who understand how to sustain and grow a local radio station
       a strong reputation as a local responsive broadcaster that has secured a loyal place in the heart of North Donegal listeners

Furthermore the activity over social media in the run up to the final of Highland Radio’s new talent search The Audition on Sunday, March 23rd is a strong indication of how the station is building a stronger connection particularly with its younger listeners.

“No other local radio station in Ireland has ever achieved the success of Highland Radio” says Shaun Doherty, Managing Director. “Today we are confident we will demonstrate to the BAI that the Highland Radio team has the experience, talent and resources to take local radio into the future.

“While Highland Radio is proud of its 24 years of leadership in broadcasting we are not standing still. We remain fresh, relevant, exciting and dynamic with our listeners always at the heart of every decision we make.  I want to say a very big thank you to everyone for their support especially our listeners. We look forward to continuing to be a voice for all our Donegal communities for another 10 years and beyond” he added.

Highland’s loyal listeners include some of the county’s most loved sons and daughters. Musicians Daniel O’Donnell and Moya Brennan, entrepreneur Sir Gerry Robinson and author and playwright Brian Friel have all given their backing to the station, saying that they couldn’t imagine life in Donegal without Highland Radio.

Musician Daniel O’Donnell was one of the first voices on Highland airwaves and credits the station for his success: “I don’t think I could ever quantify what Highland Radio has meant to my career”.

According to Playwright and author Brian Friel: “It would be inadequate to say that Highland Radio speaks for Donegal – Highland Radio speaks Donegal. It speaks to us exactly as we speak ourselves – in our accent, in our idiom, in our interests, in our obsession”.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland is expected to issue the local radio licence for North Donegal in the next couple of months.


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