Derry man ‘invented’ twins to move up housing list

court hammerDerry Magistrate’s Court heard today how a local man tried to register the birth of non existent twins so he could move up the Housing executive priority list.
John Anthony Montieth (52) of Quarry Street in the city admitted the offence which occurred in June last year.
The court was told that Montieth went to the local Registry Office to register two new born twins.
He was told that he would have to return with the children’s mother.
The next day he returned with a woman and while Montieth gave his own details the woman gave false details.
The office became suspicious as there was no corresponding health check number and no hospital record for either the children or the mother.
The birth certificates were not issued and when questioned Montieth admitted the offence but denied knowing the woman.
Defence solicitor Ms Nicola Coulter said it was ‘an extremely foolish and short sighted offence’.
She said that Montieth had been drinking in a pub and someone had suggested that if he had children he would get priority from the Housing Executive.
She said that given as there were no hospital records the birth certificates were not handed over.
She added that Montieth had been made redundant after 20 years and ended up with debts.
Montieth was fined £250.


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