Derry Court told that the MTV Crashes concert “was the possible destination” for cannabis worth £60,000

court hammerA police officer told Derry Magistrate’s Court today that the MTV concert could have been the destination for a large quantity of drugs seized in the city yesterday.
Sean Patrick Orr (23) of Marlborough Terrace in Derry was charged with possessing cannabis and possessing cannabis with intent to supply on September 17.
A police officer connected Orr to the charges and opposed bail.
He told the court at12.35 p.m. yesterday he approached a car in the Dunnes carpark at Springtown and Orr was in the driver’s seat.
He told Orr he was going to search the car under the Misuse of Dugs Act and asked was there anything in the vehicle.
Orr told them there was something in the boot and police found two bin liners containing a kilo and a half of cannabis in each.
The officer said the drugs were valued at between £30,000 to £60,000 depending on strength. At interview Orr admitted possessing the drugs but said he was to pass them on to someone in the car park and had been waiting for a phone call.
He told police that he had been offered £100 to take the packages and said he did not know how much was there.
The officer said they feared someone would want to recoup their losses and that Orr could come under pressure. Defence solicitor Eugene Byrne asked had his client, who wept in the dock during the hearing, answered everything he was asked and was told he had.
He asked was Orr a ‘major player’ in the drugs scene and the officer said he appeared a vulnerable individual. Mr. Byrne said his client was a ‘patsy’ who had been ‘offered up’ and added he had no involvement with drug cartels or the like.
Orr was released on his own bail of £1000 with a cash surety of £3000,ordered to observe a curfew, wear a tag and have no contact with known drug dealer.
He will appear again on October 9.


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