Report into LGH flood should be published by the end of October

An interim report into flooding at Letterkenny General Hospital will be considered by the Letterkenny Hospital Rebuild Steering Group on Friday next.
The current investigation commenced immediately after the flooding incident on Tuesday 5th of August , which resulted in the hospital’s emergency department having to go off call for three hours.
Indications are that the rainfall event on the 5th of August 2014 may have been more intense than the rainfall event on the 26th July 2013.
A special investigation team has been established to establish the sequence of events that resulted in the flooding on the evening of the 5th of August. The team is also reviewing the hospital’s Flood Management Strategy and assessing what changes may be necessary to flood defences.
It’s anticipated that the report will be finalised and published by the end of next month. It will incorporate a Flood Risk Analysis, and also a full account of the planning and development history of the hospital campus, particularly in relation to the siting of the various new hospital departments.
Preliminary indications are that there was minimal damage to the fabric of the hospital, and no damage to equipment during the flooding on Tuesday August 5th.
It’s estimated that the total cost of last months incident will be between three and four hundred thousand euro, which relates to the cost of responding to the flooding, and the cost of the clean up, which was complete that evening.


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