Council begins debate on whether property tax should be reduced

property tax
The Chief Executive of Donegal County Council has told members that any reduction in property tax would mean a reduction in services.
The Council has collected €8.7m to the middle of this year.
A 15% reduction, which has been would mean the local authority losing €1.65m.
Sinn Fein are calling for a 15% cut, supported by Independent Cllr Frank Mc Brearty, who admits the call will be defeated.
Fianna Fáil Cllr Ciaran Brogan says he doesn’t agree with the property tax, but he says Donegal County Council cant afford any more cuts to services………….

FGs John Ryan says Council have no choice but to leave prop tax as is and he says SF are playing populist politics by calling for reduction
Cllr Dessie Shiels says he doesn’t want to be a puppet in any FG game. He wants nothing to do with property tax and will abstain from vote
Cllr Micheal Cholm Macv Giolla Easbuig says he will abstain from any vote on property tax, as he doesn’t accept the tax as legal………..


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