Four Masters Ladies question Ulster final result

Four Masters Ladies 2Four Master’s Ulster Intermediate Ladies Football Final with Monaghan Harps on Sunday was deemed a draw after a bizarre finish in Enniskillen.
The Donegal girls thought they had won the game under the communication with the referee but the scoreboard indicated Monaghan had won it by a point.
Officials called a draw and the Ulster Ladies Council will meet on it on Tuesday night.
The Four Master club released a statement on the issue this morning.
Four Masters Ladies contested the Ulster Intermediate Final against Monaghan Harps on Sunday 2nd November in Enniskillen. It transpired during the second half that the referee noticed that the score board was incorrect and he drew this to the attention of the linesperson who notified the fourth official on at least two occasions. He subsequently notified the players and continued for the remainder of the game to keep the players informed of the score. Subsequently when Kelly Lacey pointed the last score he told both sides that Four Masters were up by 3 points. For the dying stages of the game (i.e. last five minutes) Four Masters changed their game plan to a more defensive one under the pretence that they were winning due to the information being given to both sides.
When the final whistle blew Four Masters were jubilant while Monaghan were naturally disappointed. It was evident for all supporters to see that Monaghan Harps players dropped to their knees in despair in relation to their loss, aware themselves of the information being supplied by the referee. But Four Masters were not awarded the trophy and consternation followed as to who had won the game…the scoreboard saying Monaghan and the referee saying Four Masters.
Why were Four Masters not presented with the Ulster trophy when the referee said they had won?
Why did the Chairman of Ulster Council make an announcement that the match was a draw and a date for the replay would be decided on?
Why was the referee’s score disregarded by Ulster Council?
Why did the fourth official not act on the referee’s request to amend the scoreboard, despite officiators (i.e. umpires and linespeople) being consulted twice during the game in relation to the score?
Why was the fourth official a member of the Monaghan Harps club?
Four Masters players, management and supporters are understandably very upset by the outcome of today’s match and bewildered by the following which appeared on the Ulster Ladies GAA website.
“The Ulster intermediate final was declared a draw. Ulster Council will meet on Tuesday night to discuss this game.”
Who declared the match a draw? And why? Four Masters wish to seek clarification on all of the above.


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