Gregory Campbell receives death threats over Irish language remarks

Campbell2East Derry MLA Gregory Campbell has said he has received a ‘serious death threat’ following comments he made about the Irish language.
It’s understood Mr Campbell is currently dealing with police after receiving a threat on his life.
The death threats against Gregory Campbell comes after the DUP MP reiterated comments about the Irish language during his party’s annual conference at the weekend.
Mr Campbell sparked fury last month when he mocked Irish during a Stormont debate.
He said: “Curry my yoghurt can coca coalyer” – an apparent reference to the Irish phrase “go raibh maith agat, Ceann Comhairle” – thank you, Mr Speaker.
The East Derry MP jokingly referred to the jibe during a speech at the party conference on Saturday.
Mr Campbell also said the DUP would treat Sinn Fein’s “entire wish list” – which includes calls for an Irish Language Act – like toilet paper.
The death threats against him are being wideley condemned today.


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