Rupert Graves: How I pick my TV roles

Rupert Graves
Rupert Graves has said he’s not fussy about his TV roles – despite starring in some of the biggest hits of the year.
The actor, 51, plays policeman DI Lestrade in Sherlock and is currently starring in Last Tango In Halifax.
But he told the Daily Telegraph that he doesn’t mind what job he takes on, as long as he get paid.
“If I need cash I’ll do anything, I don’t really care,” he said.
“That’s how I earn money and I have my family [five children between the ages of four and 11] and I don’t have anything else.”
Rupert said that the attention that came his way from Sherlock shocked him.
“It is the first thing I’ve been in where its fandom is fuelled by Twitter and social media. That has made a huge difference – people can talk to actors and each other directly, they can whip themselves into an absolute fury. It’s bizarre. The strength of it has surprised me,” he said.
His recent success has also led to castings in the US, but Rupert said that he doesn’t enjoy Hollywood.
“I really don’t like LA. Every time we do LA I’ve felt depressed,” he told the newspaper, before adding: “I have to do it and I’m tempted to go over next year just for a month, have a little sniff and see if I can get something.”
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