Wind Turbine would be a big earner for Tyrone GAA

Tyrone Gaa 0614A wind turbine to be built at Tyrone’s training complex at Garvaghey Centre will contribute £80,000 per annum to the running costs of the complex.
The electricity generated will be used to power the centre, with the excess to be sold off to the national grid.
Delays in the project have caused frustration, but Garvaghey Management Group chairman Raymond McKeown is hoping it will soon be back on track.
“From an early stage in the development of Garvaghey, much of the thought was around sustainability of the centre when it was built.
“The pioneers came up with the idea of a wind turbine both saving us in electricity bills as well as being able to sell electricity to the grid and contribute to the inevitable net deficit,” he detailed in his annual report.
“There have however been many delays to the process, primarily around the export of electricity to the NIE grid.
“We have hopefully got past most of these problems and we would hope that early in 2015 we can get this project completed. Current projections suggest the wind turbine could contribute up to £80,000 pa to Garvaghey’s running costs.”
Work has also started on the construction of a covered stand at the county’s training ground at Garvaghey.
“In the past number of months we have been working on the development of a covered stand for Pitch 2. We are at an advanced stage of this process with the go-ahead, having been granted at County Committee in the first week of November,” said McKeown.
“This will be a much welcome addition for the spectators, and the cost of £80,000 will be alleviated by the €40,000 contribution from Croke Park.”


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