Police investigation into Bloody Sunday will start on January 12th

Bloody SundayIt has just been announced that the Police investigation into the events on Bloody Sunday will begin Monday.
The news was confirmed today by Madden and Finnucine Solicitors which represents familiies of those who were killed and inured in Derry on January the 30th, 1972.
Last year it was announced the investigation would be scaled back promting a request for a judicial review of the proposal by Northern Ireland’s chief constable George Hamilton.
Since then a series of meetings have taken place examining that decision culminating in today’s announcement.
Twelve Detectives will be assigned to the Senior Investigating officer, Detective Chief Insepctor Ian Harrison.
Peter Madden, of Madden & Finucane who represents the families of those killed on Bloody Sunday, and the wounded said today:
“On 10 November last we lodged judicial review proceedings on behalf of the Bloody Sunday families and wounded challenging the decision of the Police Service of Northern Ireland to effectively end its murder investigation into the events of Bloody Sunday. Since that time, and in advance of a court hearing, we have engaged in extensive and detailed correspondence with the PSNI, challenging the legality of its decisions and decision making process, and as a direct consequence of issuing proceedings the PSNI has now decided to recommence the investigation.
We cautiously welcome this development. We will be meeting with DCI Harrison shortly in order to seek assurances in relation to the police’s commitment to seeing this investigation through to a successful conclusion, and in particular that this investigation will be adequately resourced to enable it do so and to restore public confidence”.


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