Council to spend €350,000 for works on old Lifford dump site this year

Lifford Clean UpDonegal County Council are to spend €350,000 for works on an old dumping site that has been closed for fifteen years.
The dump, just outside Lifford, has been shut since August 2000.
For years the dump at Churchtown, between Lifford and Castlefin, took vast quantities of all sorts of rubbish.
The dump, which is situated near the River Finn, closed fifteen years ago.
But with the introduction of strict EU environmental standards the old now disused dump has had hundreds of thousands of euro spent on it.
Remedial works have been carried out at dump over the years in order to bring it up to acceptable EU standards.
A network of pipes has been laid to capture the run-off of polluted fluids, while thousands of tonnes of soil has also been placed on top of the old site.
As far back as 2003, Donegal Co. Council flagged that the total cost of remedial works at the site could exceed €3 million.
This year the Council are set to spend €350,000.