Entries for the Joule Donegal International Rally close on Friday

Donegal International Rally
Organisers for the Joule Donegal International Rally Ireland have put a final call to competitors for the 2015 event, as the deadline for entries closes this week-end.
Clerk of the Course, Eamon McGee said, “the deadline is 6pm on Friday afternoon, and I hope all competitors would put in they entry on time to allow us to get the important administration process started for this year. Secretary of the Meeting, Suzanne Mulhern, has the monumental task of getting all the information recorded and when in place we can begin the important process the seeding the entry list. Competitors don’t see all this administration that goes on in the background and we have to ensure all data is recorded and checked with ourselves and MotorSport Ireland to ensure everything complies with the regulations and permits granted by the governing body in Dublin, MotorSport Ireland. However, because of our location, we attract many MSA licence holders, the Motor Sports Association in London, and their details have to be correct as well.”
The Rally Guide will be available shortly, giving important information about the event, but some information has been revealed for planning.
The stage/road distances per day for the 2015 Joule Donegal International Rally are
Friday – Road – 95.32 Stage 69.84
Saturday– Road – 159.29 Stage 125.06
Sunday– Road – 167.31 Stage 93.50
Event Totals – Road – 421.92 Stage 228.40