Voting underway in Co Donegal in two referendums

voteVoting’s underway in the same sex marriage and presidential age referendums.
Polls will remain open until 10 o’clock tonight and counting will take place tomorrow.
122,827 people have a right to vote in the two referendums in Co Donegal.
When they go to the polls they’ll get two ballot papers – a white one for the marriage referendum, a green one for the Presidential age.
You vote by placing an X in the box beside YES or NO on each ballot paper.
Voters are warned that writing anything else on the ballot paper could have it deemed a spoiled ballot paper.
You are also warned that taking selfies or photographs inside the polling station, including of your ballot papers is against the law, as is the wearing or carrying of any campaign material.
Meanwhile turnout on Donegals five islands; Arranmore, Tory, Gola, Innisboffin, and Inishfree was said to be low yesterday.
On Arranmore island the two polling stations were said to be “very quiet” throughout the day.
And on Gola, where many of the 24 registered voters are seasonal residents, a total of five cast their ballots.
Today polling stations will close at 10pm tonight, the ballot boxes will be sealed, transported and stored securely before counting gets underway at 9 tomorrow morning.