Charge of dangerous driving causing death dropped against young woman.

A charge of dangerous driving causing the death of a man outside Bundoran has been dropped against a young woman.
Instead, Lisa Roohan, 25, was charged today with the alternative of careless driving at Ardfarna, Bundoran.
The prosecution has dropped the accusation which she faced for 16 months that she was responsible for the death of 48-year-old Alan McSherry on August 25, 2013.
Roohan, a waitress of Boyannagh, near Bundoran, pleaded guilty today at Donegal Circuit Court to the charge of driving without due care and attention.
She also pleaded guilty to making a false statement to gardai at Ballyshannon.
Prosecutor Karl Finnegan told Judge John Aylmer that a nolle prosequi would be entered on all other charges against Ms Roohan.
Defence counsel Peter Finlay said the full facts of the case will be outlined in court tomorrow.
Ms Roohan was remanded on continuing bail to the sentencing hearing tomorrow.
She faces a maximum penalty for careless driving of a fine and a four-year ban.
The maximum penalty for giving false information to gardai is five years.
Mr McSherry was found dead by his wife Jo in the early hours of August 25, 2013, near their home at Ardfarna.
The couple had moved to Bundoran 16 years earlier from the Birkenhead area of England.
Mr McSherry was a surfer and worked as a handyman in Bundoran.
Ms Roohan was first charged with dangerous driving causing death at Ballyshannon District Court in June, 2014.
The charge was dropped  and substituted with a charge of driving without due care and attention.


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