Tribune poll shows growing support for Sinn Fein and Independents in Donegal

A poll carried out by the Tirconaill Tribune newspaper suggests that one third of voters in Donegal will vote Sinn Fein in the next election. The poll reflects a swing of almost 11% towards Sinn Fein and independents.
The poll gives 34.5% of the vote to Sinn Fein in the new Donegal constituency, an increase of nearly 6% on the 2011 election when figures are adjusted to reflect boundary changes.
Fianna Fail has almost 23% support, up nearly 3%, with Fine Gael on just over 21%, down nearly 5%.
Independents are up 5%, on nearly 20%, while Labour is on 1%, down over 7%.
The poll was carried out last week, with 800 people surveyed across the constituency.
According to the poll, the top performing candidates are Sinn Fein Deputies Padraig Mac Lochlainn and Pearse Doherty, on almost 17 and 15% respectively. Fine Gael Deputy and Junior Minister Joe Mc Hugh is on just over 14%, with Fianna Fail Deputy Charlie Mc Conalogue and former Deputy Pat The Cope Gallagher on just over 12% and just under 11% respectively.
With not all candidates declared, it’s clear this is a snapshot in time, with plenty of scope for change between now and election day.


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