A new Star Trek TV show is coming!

Star Trek
It’s actually happening, Star Trek is coming back to TV!
The show originally appeared on CBS a long, long (long!) time ago in 1966, and will be celebrating its incredible 50th anniversary next year in 2016. And while we’ll be getting another major big screen outing that year, starring the likes of Chris Pine and Simon Pegg, it seems the small screen is also set to get some new adventures in the not-so distant future.
CBS has confirmed that a new Star Trek TV series will air in January 2017. Just take that in for a moment.
It’s set to deal with entirely new characters looking for an adventure among the stars, while still being in keeping with the themes first put in place by Gene Roddenberry many years ago. Trek movie co-writer Alex Kurtzman is set to exec produce the new show, he almost directed the current film but that eventually went to Justin Lin.
One interesting thing about the deal is that the massive premiere episode will debut in January 2017 on CBS but then all other episodes will come first to CBS All Access. That’s a streaming video arm of the company, and will basically see Star Trek going out for the most part on a digital platform, something like Netflix.
A couple of years ago, this might have sounded like we were getting a cut price version with a lower budget but Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more have shown the kind of quality which is being produced by streaming services and hopefully it bodes well for this new Trek. It’s likely that the series will have a more straightforward distribution pattern in other countries.
The new Star Trek TV show is coming January 2017. Star Trek Beyond is in cinemas in July 2016.


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