Bono’s daughter Eve Hewson: ‘My parents are more fun than my siblings’

Eve Hewson2Eve Hewson has claimed her parents Bono and Ali Hewson are more fun to hang out with than her sisters.
The New York based actress said she even bumped into her mum at a party one time.
“I was like, “Urgh, I’m trying to live my life in New York and my mother’s here’,” she said.
“But my mum’s actually pretty cool – I’d prefer to go out with her than almost anybody else’,” she told the Telegraph.
Cool parents: Bono and Ali like to party
While she admitted her mum is fun to party with, Eve added that dad Bono knows how to have a good time too.
“My dad said he figured out that in order to have a good relationship with your kids, you have to be more fun than them. And it’s true,” she explained.
“My parents are way more fun than me and my siblings. We’re always like, ‘What restaurant are you going to? Whose party is that? Can we hang out with your friends?’”


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