Harry Potter’s childhood home open to visitors on Warner Bros studios tour

Harry Potter's house
Harry Potter studio tour visitors will be able to step inside the Dursleys’ house for the first time as Warner Bros marks 15 years since the first film was released.
A series of new features at the Warner Bros Studios in Watford will celebrate the anniversary of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone’s release in 2001 – the first of eight films based on JK Rowling’s novels.
Fans will be able to visit the set for 4 Privet Drive, where fictional orphaned wizard Harry Potter grew up with the horrible Dursley family.
The house is filled with ugly sofas, terrible tiles and vulgar curtains and will be open to visitors from May 27 to June 6.
For 11 days in February, the Sorting Hat and stool will be displayed for the first time in the Great Hall set, which was one of the first locations to be built for the wizarding school Hogwarts.
Other props from the film franchise, which starred Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, will be on special display for limited periods.
Half-giant groundskeeper Hagrid’s costumes will be exhibited as the techniques used to make him appear so huge are showcased.
Visitors will also be able to see how the creative effects team worked on the Gringott’s Goblin prosthetics, and learn how the giant chess pieces were made to move.


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