MCIU publishes report into death of fishing boat crew member last year

our jenna
A report into the death of a man in his 50’s who fell overboard a fishing vessel off Portnablagh in Co Donegal has revealed that the decking in the vessel did not conform to the Department of Transport’s code of practice guidelines.
The report, published by the Marine Casualty Investigation Unit was published following the incident, which occurred on June 16th last year.
The boat ‘Our Jenna’ left from Portnablagh on that morning, and the man fell overboard at around 1.30pm.
There were two crew members on board at the time- the deceased and the skipper of the boat – and the report says after he had fallen overboard, the skipper had managed to secure the man in the water with a line around his waist.
He was rushed to Letterkenny General Hospital by the coastguard, but pronounced dead when he got there.
The MCIU investigation found the man was unable to swim and was not wearing a life jacket or a personal flotation device.
The decking on the boat was also declared as not compliant with the code of practice.
A new document of compliance has since been issued to the vessel.
The full report can be accessed here


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