Irish Children’s beauty pageant invites Katie Price’s daughter to join

Katie & PrincessA child beauty pageant in Ireland has sent a personal invitation to Katie Price’s daughter to take part.
8-year-old Princess is being lined up to participate in a Toddlers and Tiaras style pageant to be held in either Dublin or Cork.
Katie has previously revealed she plans to get Princess into American style pageants and recently caused controversy when she posted a pic to social media of her daughter wearing make up.
The Irish event will be hosted by American company Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant.
The company previously made the headlines when they were forced to host their first ever Irish child pageant in a Monoghan pub after several more glamorous venues backed out.
Pageant boss Annette Hill insisted the experience hasn’t put her off hosting another competition in Ireland.
“There’s a huge demand for child pageants in Ireland, and that’s why I’m coming back. This time around, I’ll have the venue properly sorted out,” she added.
“I know Katie’s daughter has been invited to go to another pageant in the US – and that’s not one that I’m involved with.
“But she doesn’t need to go to all that trouble and expense, because I’ll be bringing America to Ireland.”


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