Millie Mackintosh will never do a tell-all on her failed marriage to Professor Green

Prof Green & Millie
Millie Mackintosh has said she will never do a “tell-all” about her relationship with Professor Green.
News broke late last month that she was splitting from her rapper husband after almost three years of marriage.
Speaking just before the split was announced, Millie said: “I’ve never done a tell-all about my relationship and I won’t. I just get on with my life.”
She told Women’s Health: “I never wanted to be in a relationship that was just in the papers or a relationship that I benefited or made money from.
“That wouldn’t sit well with me … It’s difficult when people want to cover old ground, get stuck in the past and you just want to move on and think about the future.”
Millie, who rose to fame as part of reality series Made In Chelsea, said: “I don’t want to be famous for being famous.”
She explained: “I want to be known for being an entrepreneur. A businesswoman. At the moment, I’m working on my autumn/winter fashion range and there’s a lot of responsibility. It’s scary.”
The 26-year-old is from a wealthy family who founded chocolate companies including the iconic Quality Street.
But she said: “I’m not just a privileged rich girl who’s been given everything.
“Obviously, I have a supportive family and had an amazing upbringing, but they didn’t carve my career out for me.
“That is something I’ve done on my own.”