Coronation Street’s Kylie Platt to be killed by Bethany Platt’s bullies? Shock new theory emerges

kylie plattCoronations Street fans have hit upon a new theory about how Kylie Platt dies.
The nail technician will be killed off at the end of this week in the ITV soap with the killer or even how she will die being kept a closely-guarded secret.
After Wednesday night’s episode where Kylie discovered that Bethany’s bullies continued to harass her, viewers thought they spotted where the plot is heading.
“I reckon it’s #Bethanysbullies that kill Kylie. It would be shocking!” tweeted one viewer, while another said: “After watching tonight’s ep, I’m thinking bethany’s bullies have something to do with Kylie’s death.”
“Kylie is going to be killed by Bethany’s bullies or she will be murdered as she stops Callum’s thugs robbing the kebab shop,” wrote another.
However, another had a more shocking theory – that Bethany will be the one to accidentally kill her aunt.
They wrote: “So Bethany goes to defend herself against bullies with a knife. Kylie steps in to stop her… dead Kylie.”
It comes after the soap’s cast have revealed Kylie Platt’s death is ‘incredible’ and ‘moving’.
As fans of the ITV soap already know Paula Lane ‘s character’s death will be one of the ‘most shocking’ in the history of the ITV soap as viewers will see her tragic end just as she gets her life back on track.
To tease Friday’s dramatic episodes the Good Morning Britain team have spoken to Corrie cast members Jack P Shepherd, Ben Price, Helen Worth, Tina O’Brien and Bethany Platt actress Lucy Fallon.
David Platt actor Jack P Shepherd revealed he couldn’t continue in some of the final scenes as he was too emotional and Nick Tilsley actor Ben Price added that: “[Kylie’s] death is absolutely moving…”
“They were really harrowing to do,” said Jack P Shephard of the scenes with Lane. “I just had to literally say words and not look at anyone, not look at Paula, or Helen [Worth].
“The director had to tell me to actually give something. I couldn’t, because that would have been it and we only had one or two shots.”
“This was the most amazing scene, I was there…” said Worth, who has played Gail Rodwell (nee Platt) since July 1974. “I just know that Jack and Paula were amazing.
“You were, you were. It was absolutely brilliant. I was in tears. As Jack was, I couldn’t read the script either. It was just incredible. I hope Paula is watching.”
Sarah Platt actress Tina O’Brien added that Paula will be missed ‘terribly’ by the cast, because she is a “fantastic actor”.
“She was a massive part of the Platts,” added the actress as they discussed the theory of Calum Logan coming back from the dead to kill Kylie. “Yeah, maybe she wasn’t deluded. Maybe everybody else was wrong. No, we don’t want to spoil it. I haven’t seen it myself but I heard it’s incredible.
“It wasn’t me as Sarah-Louise is still in hospital.”
The cast then revealed that the Platts may experience a “little” bit of happiness in the future but don’t go holding your breath.
Nick Tilsley actor Ben Price added that: “[Kylie’s] death is absolutely moving…”
“They [Jack P Shephard and Paula Lane] are both brilliant. It’s the best stuff I’ve ever seen on Corrie. It really is worth watching.
“It’s very, very sad to see her [Paula Lane] go.”
Bethany Platt actress Lucy Fallon said that if Kylie dies after getting involved in her bullying storyline, her character would feel “awful”.
The actress then revealed that she cried during those bullying scenes.
Kylie Platt’s final scenes air on Friday at 7.30 and 8.30pm.
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