We have to deal with the crisis of the RHI Scheme and look to how we advance our strategic objectives – Gerry Adams

Yesterday afternoon in Derry, Gerry Adams addressed the issue of the crisis surrounding the Renewable Heating Initiative Scheme.
In his address the Sinn Fein President said a process must be established to get to the truth and defend the integrity of the political institutions established under the Good Friday Agreement.
The RHI Scheme controversy was brought to the fore when former DUP Minister Jonathon Bell, who has now been suspended, accused his party of keeping open a scheme that was corrupt, inefficient, and likely to cost the taxpayers over £400 million.
The RHI Scheme was established in 2012 by the now, First Minister, Arlene Foster while she was the Minister of Department Enterprise Trade.
Mr Adams spoke yesterday of how it has emerged that the Executive could be paying up to £400 million over the next 20 years for a scheme that is not delivering.
Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness called on Arlene Foster to step down on Friday while an investigation into the scheme was conducted, to which she declined.
Gerry Adams concluded his address by saying the facts need to be established and processes put in place to get to the truth.
He added; ‘We have to deal with this crisis and constantly look to how we advance our strategic objectives.’


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