Gofundme page for Danielle McLoughlin’s family reaches target in just 2 hours

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In an astonishing act of generosity and kindness, a GoFundMe page for the family of Danielle McLoughlin has exceeded a target 10,000 euro in just 2 hours.
The 28 year-old was found dead near a beach in the Indian resort of Goa
Police in India say a 23 year old man has confessed to murdering Danielle.
Earlier today, a GoFundMe page was established for Danielle’s family and reached its target in just two hours.
The page says that The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust have been brilliant and will cover most arrangements and expenses and that the fundraiser is to help Danielle’s family with the added costs of having someone with her when she returns and to give her the send off she deserves.
Danielle is described as a beautiful and kind hearted, funny young lady who loved life and was a loyal and devoted friend, sister and daughter.
It adds that the brightest stars burn the quickest and no other analogy could describe Danielle’s life better.


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