Irish Water begins work to improve drinking water quality in Fintown

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Irish Water has announced a €1.1 million investment to improve water supplies in Fintown.
Irish Water has conmfirmed it intends to connect the Fintown water supply to the Glenties supply, replacing almost 5km of water mains in the Glenties, Fintown and Meenahalla areas and constructing two booster pumping stations.
The Fintown supply is on the EPA’s Remedial Action List for high levels of THMs and Irish Water says these works will address that issue.
THMs, or trihalomethanes are chemicals formed by the reaction of naturally occurring dissolved organic material with chlorine which is used for disinfection in order to protect against pathogenic bacteria.
The project includes the replacement of 1km of water mains in Fintown, 2.9km in Glenties and 800m in Meenahalla. The two booster pumping stations will be constructed at Shallogans and Straboy.
Irish Water says the works are already underway, and are expected to be completed in the next three to four months.


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