Paddy McGuiness and wife Christine reveal their twins have autism

Paddy McGuiness and his wife Christine have revealed that their four-year-old twins have autism in a poem shared on social media.

Christine has written a heartfelt ode to Leo and Penelope to wish the twins a happy 4th birthday and described the youngsters’ talents in maths and drama as well as their “meltdowns” and penchant for “beige food” at home.

She shared the rhyming poem on Instagram and vowed to encourage the little boy and girl to “embrace” their autism, signing off with the caption “my babies, my world, #autism #AutismAwareness”.


Autism presents itself in early childhood and people with autism find it difficult to communicate with others, form relationships and understand the world.

Christine and Paddy also have nine-month-old daughter Felicity and the 29-year-old model previously admitted she tried for three years to have children.

‘It took us three years of trying before we had the twins.

Paddy and pregnant Christine at the Brit Awards in 2013 (GETTY)

It was really hard and every month it doesn’t happen you feel like a failure – it’s so disappointing. We got there eventually but I think we tried a bit too hard because we ended up having twins!’

via Mary Gallagher