Fears that serious bursts may happen elsewhere as NE water crisis continues

Irish Water is due to begin repair works to a burst water main in the North East today.
A specially engineered section of pipe has been manufactured in Belfast – however the utility’s warning it could be the weekend before supply is fully restored to 50,000 homes in Louth and Meath.
However the utility is warning the pipe may rupture again once the water is turned back on.
As Irish Water continues to work on restoring supplies in Louth and Meath, there’s growing concern that similar bursts may happen across the country due to ageing infrastructure.
Meanwhile, official figures collated by the Irish Independent show that in the North West region, Irish Water has identified 55.4 kilometres of pipeline for replacement between now and 2021. That’s the lowest figure in the country.
Conversely, just over 206 kilometres of pipeline has identified for relpacement after 2021. That’s the highest figure in the state by a substantial margin.
Meanwhile, Donegal has the second highest number of water plants in the country in need of upgrades. There are 12 plants on the list, serving a population of just over 45,000.
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