John Stamos’ proposal to his girlfriend at Disneyland is so sweet it’ll make you sick

Congratulations are in order for actor John Stamos and his new fiancee, actress Caitlin McHugh, on their new engagement.
The ‘Full House/Fuller House‘ star went down on one knee at Disneyland yesterday, but warning: look away now if you’re not predisposed to public displays of extreme Disney-related sweetness.
Instead of just doing what most people would do, Stamos pulled in a favour from animator Paul Briggs – who has worked on Frozen, Big Hero 6 and more – to make it extra-special.
As Briggs explained on Twitter, he edited a montage of all the greatest love moments from Disney films, and then animated a new scene at the end to incorporate Stamos and McHugh into the story.

Luckily, she was won over…


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We cut a montage of greatest love moments from @DisneyAnimation & I animated a small scene at the end! So happy for them! Congrats!

Paul, you are a most wonderful man! Thank you for helping me pull off pure romance. If we have a child, we’ll name her Paul Briggs Stamos! 

imagine being proposed to by john stamos at disney world…… honestly that’s better than any dream i’ve ever had this girl wins life 

John Stamos may be old enough to be my dad, but hearing that he’s off the market felt like the end of an era for women everywhere.


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