Detectives investigating paramilitary style shooting in Derry

Detectives at Strand Road are investigating a paramilitary style shooting in the Gartan Square area of Derry last night.
A 17 year old male sustained a gunshot wound to his leg after at least two masked men forced their way into his home at around 10.45pm.
One was armed with a baton or wooden bat and the other with a handgun.
It’s believed a woman in her 50s may also have been assaulted by the intruders.
She was taken to hospital for treatment. Two other adults understood to have been in the house at the time were not hurt.
Police says that while thankfully this young man’s injuries are not life threatening, this was a brutal attack and yet another example of how criminal groups seek to control communities through fear and violence.
Local Cllr Colly Kelly says those behind the attack do not represent the community:

Meanwhile, Chief Inspector Alan Hutton made this appeal on the 9 til Noon Show:


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