Noel Gallagher shares hilarious correspondence with schoolboy who requested live chat

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Noel Gallagher
‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ TV Programme, London, Britain. – 22 Nov 2014

Rockstar Noel Gallagher replied to a fan who asked him to come to his school to speak about drugs.
The young lad, known as Sam Fisher, asked the former Oasis rocker to speak to his classmates about ‘when you used to take drugs and how you turned it around?’.
Unfortunately, Gallagher was unable to accept the schoolboy’s offer, he wrote on his Instagram ‘Thanks for the offer Sam but as much as I’d love to come and regale your PSHE class with war stories from the 90s I’m gonna have to pass as I’m currently in re-hab… I mean the studio!!!’

Schoolboy Sam Fisher wrote to Noel Gallagher and asked if he would come to his school to talk about drugs. Pic: Getty Images

Despite the rejection, Sam was delighted to receive a reply from Gallagher as he wrote another letter to thank him — and make a cheeky request.
‘Thank you so much for the reply on Instagram, though it is a shame you can’t come into my school,’ he said.
‘I am actually coming to see you in Birmingham next year. Would it be possible to get a backstage pass to ask about your stories?’.

He then went on to tell Gallagher how he was a ‘massive fan’ and asked him to check out his YouTube channel where he posts videos of himself singing and playing the guitar.
He finished the letter with a heartfelt message saying it was his ‘dream to play’ with Gallagher on stage.
To the second letter, Gallagher once again responded on his Instagram ‘Play on stage with me? Blimey you don’t ask for much do you eh? I’m sure one of my b***hes at HQ will sort you out a pass of some description and we can hang out and exchange life stories.

‘You can tell me all the tales from your PSHE class (whatever that is!) and I’ll fill you in about the 90s.’
Now, before all you Noel Gallagher fans rush to send a lovely letter to the AKA…What A Life! singer in hope of getting the same gift, the singer pointed out that this is ‘not an open invitation to every other f***er on the planet.’
Fans of the music legend praised his kindness towards the young lad, with one writing ‘Noel I am pleased that you are going to meet Sam and it is a shame you can’t get to his school…It would be ace to see you and Sam kicking back playing together so I await to see the posts online.’

Sam Fisher said his dream is to play on stage with Noel Gallagher. Pic: Getty Images

Another wrote ‘Get him on stage… 2 minutes! He’ll never bl***y forget it as long as he lives… unless he ends up with 15 no 1 albums,’ while a third follower said ‘Aw Noel you softie’.


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