Retired Donegal Garda sergeant jailed for abuse towards ex colleagues


A retired Donegal Garda sergeant has been jailed for two months, for launching what a district court judge described as a tirade of “vile and evil” abuse at a number of ex colleagues.
63-year-old Joseph Kiely of Old Golf Course, Road, Donegal Town repeatedly told two Garda Seargeants that they would die of cancer in a few years.
Judge Kevin Kilrane said that in 34 years in the legal profession, he said he had never heard such “evil utterings”.
Donegal Town Court has heard that a former Garda Sergeant, repeatedly told two Sergeants that they would be dead with cancer within a few years.
Joseph Kiely was convicted of drink driving on October 11 after being involved in a collision with another vehicle in Donegal Town.
While at the scene, he accused the other motorist involved of orchestrating the collision and told her that she also would die of cancer.
The court heard she later passed away from cancer.
The former sergeant also claimed he had been hounded out of the area in 2012 and has made 100 pages of complaints about alleged harassment to Gardai that were not investigated.
He was remanded in custody, fined €500 and banned from driving for two years.
Recognisances for circuit court appeal were fixed on the defendant’s own bond of €100 with a surety of €1500.


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