Malin Head deemed windiest weather station in 2017

Met Eireann has published its review of the weather in 2017, which shows that Malin Head was the country’s windiest weather station over the course of the year.
The highest gust of 84 knots was reported at Roche’s Point, in County Cork during Storm Ophelia.
On August 22nd, Malin Head also recorded the highest rainfall total for a single day, its wettest day since 1955.
The highest average wind speed over the course of the year was 15.1 knots, or 28.0 km/h at Malin Head in Donegal.
The number of days on which strong gales were recorded ranged from zero at a number of stations to 14 days at Malin Head. Storm force winds were recorded on two days of the year in two stations, Malin Head and Mace Head in County Galway.
Predictably, August 22nd last features prominently in Met Eireann’s 2017 reviewm with what is referred to as a “significant rainfall event” affecting the Northwest.
The station at Malin Head recorded 77.2 mm of rain that day, the station’s wettest
Summer day in 62 years, with 63.0mm falling in a 6-hour period. This was the highest daily rainfall for the year.


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