“Catch him Derry!” became one of the most viral catchphrases of the Internet during 2017. Now, Derry has his work cut out for him once again as a mouse invades his family’s Kerry home.
Between memes, remixes, t-shirts, an on-air interview with Jimmy Kimmel, and the viral #BATDAD, when a mouse dared rear its head in the Flemming home, it was ample opportunity for a sequel.

The video, already gaining millions of views, shows son Tadhg instructing Derry on how best to catch the creature.
With a crutch, a broom handle, a pair of shorts, and a jacket – “incase he gets cold” – on hand, the furry friend doesn’t stand a chance. Although he does put up a good game of hide and seek, sending the men rummaging around the fridge and the china cupboard.
Watch the video below – sound on for full effect!

Here’s the origial bat video that made them famous:

And here’s a look at the Flemings when they’re not busy chasing pests:

The Flemings. Source: Twitter

The Flemings. Source: Twitter

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He has the poor dogs plagued 😂🙈🎄🎅🏻 #MistletoeTing

Life with Derry is Great 😂😂❤️ #wouldnthavehimanyotherway