Issues of major non-compliance found at two Donegal respite centres

The health watchdog has published reports on two separate residential centres in Donegal for people with disabilities.
The two centres in question are Seaview Respite House in Mountcharles and Fernhill Respite House in Donegal.
In other areas, HIQA has found the centres to be compliant however they’re advising on-going monitoring of fire risk management, staffing arrangements and rostering within the two centres.
At Seaview Respite House the inspector found that overall the provider had put in place systems to manage fire safety and risk management within the centre.
However, a fire risk assessment report which was completed for Seaview Respite House in July, 2017 was not available to the inspector on the day of the inspection.
The provider failed to provide this report in the days after the initial inspection, therefore the inspector could not determine if the provider had taken adequate precautions to manage and mitigate the fire risks within this centre.
Of the 54 residents who avail of respite in this centre, 35 residents had not yet participated in a fire drill.
Fire drill records also demonstrated incidents where residents resisted evacuation. However, residents’ personal evacuation plans did not provide clear guidance to staff on how to support residents where such incidents occur.
Meanwhile at Fernhill respite house the inspector found that not all personnel files contained copies of garda vetting disclosures, photo identification and employment references as required under Schedule 2 of the regulations.
Below are the links to the reports in full:


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