New report reflects performance of Donegal County Council

The National Oversight and Audit Commission has published its report on Performance Indicators in Local Authorities 2016 and has found that regional roads in Donegal are among the best in the country.
The report also states that the local authority is addressing significant deficits and that the implications of Brexit is a significant concern for the county as a border region.
The report also revealed that 28% of fire cases are attended to within 10 miniutes in Donegal with 14% attended to after 20 minutes and the average length of time it takes to mobilise a fire brigade in response to a fire in the county is 6 minutes.
The review, carried out on June 13th 2017, shows that Donegal County Council has a deficit of 6.85% of the toal income, based on 2016 figures.
13 adults were classified as homeless and in emergency accomodation on 31st December 2016, with over 23% of adults on that date in emergency accomodation for more than 6 months in Donegal.
The report recognised that 4 council owned houses were MICA-affected and the duration of vacancies in these properties was lengthened by delays associated with testing and remediation arrangements.
The Council also referred to a shortage of available contractors in the county to carry out work as impacting on re-letting times, with the average re-letting time in the county 42 weeks.
The local authority spent over €7.3 million on Local Road strengthening.
While 2% of Donegal’s regional roads were found to have structural defects, one of the lowest figures in the country and 37% with few or no defects.
Here’s the full report:


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