Donegal Women’s Centre responds to offensive car stickers

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The Donegal Women’s Centre says some women have been left ‘concerned and upset’ over vile and sickening stickers which have been spotted on some cars in and around Letterkenny.
The stickers have been spotted on a number of cars that have arrived in Donegal to coincide with the Donegal International Rally.
A spokesperson for the Donegal Women’s Centre said: ‘These stickers totally demean & degrade women & should not be tolerated. We are encouraging you to take car reg & report to the Gardaí. If you are aware of a family member displaying any obscene images, please tell them to remove them. They are not funny or cool or only a bit of fun……they are causing genuine upset & hurt.’

The centre has also advised anyone affected by these images or by sexual violence to contact the following:
Donegal Rape Crisis on1800 448844
24 hr helpline 1800 778888
Letterkenny Garda Station 074 9167100
SATU 24 hr on call no 0870681964

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