More Reaction from the Joule Donegal International Rally

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Kyle and Dale McGettigan – Photo: Brian McDaid / Cristeph Studio

Manus Kelly and Donal Barrett claimed victory in the Joule Donegal International Rally to win their third title in a row, the first All-Donegal crew to do so.
Ian Barrett and Paul McGee were victorious in the National Category, while Martin Doherty and Darragh Doherty won the Historic Section, and Armagh’s Jason Black and Jack McKenna won the Junior Section.
Chris Ashmore got the reaction of some of the drivers at the end of a long weekend, where they competed in 20 tough stages.
In this piece, you can here from Eugene Donnelly, Callum Devine, PJ McDermott, Martin Doherty and Jason Black…

Chris also spoke with Kyle and Dale McGettigan, Columba Heena, John Bonner, Johnny Baird, Patrick McHugh and Tommy O’Connell…


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