HSE apologise to Paul Harte and family

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The HSE has issued a statement this afternoon, wishing to apologise to Paul Harte and his family for any distress caused by the delay in Paul’s transfer to Lifford Hospital.
The 53 year old who has Down Sydrome and dementia is to be transferred to Lifford Hospital tomorrow.
Paul, who is in the final stages of life, cannot eat and is currently receiving fluids at Letterkenny University Hospital.
His family say a plan to transfer him to Lifford Hospital last week was stopped, with his age and the fact that also the fact he has “intellectual learning disabilities ” cited as reasons.
The HSE have held a multidisciplinary team meeting this morning to assess the needs of Paul and to organise for his safe transfer from Letterkenny University Hospital to Lifford Community Hospital by tomorrow.
In their statement, the HSE say they have met with and will continue to liaise with and provide supports to Paul and his family with regards to his ongoing care needs.


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