Donegal rape trial jury deliberations continue

The jury has begun its deliberations in the trial of a young man accused of raping a girl after a night out in a town in Co. Donegal.
It’s alleged to have happened after they were out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in 2016 and the man, who was 16 at the time, denies the charges.
Earlier this month, the young woman gave evidence of what she claims to have happened after a night out in March 2016.
She said she’d been out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and was feeling a bit light-headed when she met the accused in a takeaway restaurant.
She said she agreed to go for a walk with him and reluctantly followed him into a nearby car park where she claims he pushed her against a wall and started kissing her.
She told the jury he then undid his trousers and forced her to perform a sex act on him.
Despite her repeated pleas to stop, she said he then began having sex with her and she told the jury he was “kind of laughing” afterwards.
The young man claims what happened between them was consensual and his barrister has asked the jurors to question her credibility.
They’ve now begun their deliberations.


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