Two Donegal Gardai to be honoured at Water Safety awards

Two Donegal Gardai are among 19 people who will be recognised for their actions in assisting a person in difficulty in water and in danger of drowning.
Water Safety Ireland’s National Awards Ceremony will take place in Dublin this afternoon.
Donegal based Garda Mark O’ Sullivan and Garda Gerard Doyle will be presented with the Seiko Just in Time Rescue Award today for the part they played in rescuing a woman from the water off Ballywhoriskey Pier.
On June 19th this year, Garda O’ Sullivan and Garda Doyle were called to the pier where a woman had entered the water.
Garda O’ Sullivan threw a lifebuoy to the woman and she managed to grab onto it.
The two men then pulled the woman close to the pier. Suddenly the Gardaí recognised the woman was in shock and had very little strength.
Demonstrating calm in a pressurised situation, Garda O’ Sullivan entered the water to hold onto the woman, while Garda Doyle retrieved a body brace from their patrol car which was put around the woman’s head to provide extra support.
Both Garda held onto the woman until further emergency services arrived and removed her from the water. The woman was then transported to hospital and made a full recovery.


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