Gardai warn businesses of rise in change scams in Donegal

Gardai in Donegal have issued a warning to businesses following a rise in change scams.
They say these scams are becoming very common and are advising business owners to refrain from changing denominations of notes for anyone.
Gardai say in change scams, a person will usually approach the cashier and will request that a bundle of notes, for example €20 notes be changed into €50 notes.
When the cashier has done this the person then removes a few of the €50 notes from the pile in a very cunning manner.
They then hand the remaining €50 notes back to the cashier and say that they have changed their mind.
They then leave the shop with the original amount in €20 notes plus the stolen €50 notes.
Gardai say the operation is carried out in a very professional way and the cashier will often not even realise that they have been scammed until later.
Businesses are being advised to place a sign in a prominent position at the cash register stating that the cashier will not change denominations of notes for anyone and to inform staff that such transactions will not be carried out.


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