Testing to increase in Donegal as LUH sees rise in cases


Testing for Covid-19 in centres in Donegal is expected to be ramped up in the coming days.
It comes as the Department of Health has indicated that it is intended that 100,000 tests will be conducted weekly nationally in the coming weeks.
Meanwhile the number of people being treated at Letterkenny University Hospital has also risen.
Currently, the Letterkenny centre is conducting on average fifty to sixty tests a day, opening on a part-time basis however the centre now has the capacity to carry out about 300 tests a day.
It’s understood that previous issues with procurement at the centre have now been addressed.
Donegal currently has the tenth highest number of confirmed cases of Covid- 19 in Ireland, at 454 – that number is expected to surpass 500 in the days ahead.
Meanwhile over 40 people with either confirmed or suspected Covid-19 are currently being cared for at Letterkenny University Hospital.
The latest data indicates that there were two new confirmed cases receiving treatment at the hospital, leaving the figure at 19.
There were also 22 suspected cases of Covid-19 at Letterkenny while two patients with Covid-19 are currently being treated in ICU.


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