New survey reveals fears over permanent pub closures

Two thirds of Ireland’s pubs will go out of business by the new year, according to a new survey of pub owners.
The poll by the Vintners Federation also shows that 82 percent no longer support the Government.
The group says the sector now needs ‘support, not sympathy’ from the government this week as it decides whether or not to allow them reopen.
The survey was organised ahead of the Government decision on whether the 3,500 pubs still closed across the country can reopen on August 31st.
96% of publicans believe the Government does not have a plan that will allow non food pubs to reopen while the crisis persists.
While 92% believe pubs have been scapegoated during this crisis.
Almost half of the pubs still closed have accrued debts of €16,000 or more since the lockdown began, while 1 in 5 of those pubs have accumulated debts of at least €30,000 during the period their doors have stay closed.
In light of the public health conditions, most in the industry believe the reopening will be delayed for a third time.
The focus is on what plan will be brought forward for pubs closed by order of the Government.


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